What is it to be born again and how did it all happen? Jesus died some 2000 years ago and raised triumphantly from the grave on the third day to the Glory of God. Then I am made to understand that once I raise my hands up and confess that Jesus is Lord of my life, that I believe in Him, and the fact that He died to redeem me from my sinful self, then I am born again. It then brings to question; does the concept of being born again only rest in this space? Continue reading “BORN AGAIN or HOLY TRINITY?”

Huge to be Precise😮

You marry a woman, or a man who you vowed never to touch intimately till marriage because, you are convinced he or she is the one. The marriage ceremony is done, and you travel out for the honeymoon. Well as honeymooners, this is the time to see, feel, and enjoy what you paid for or, the man who paid for your hands in marriage. You find out in the hotel room with all the fragrance of romance that your wife or husband has two sex organs. Huge to be precise. What will be your reaction, and what’s the decision from … Continue reading Huge to be Precise😮

What did the Test say?❓🔬

Joe and Esi were married for 6yrs with no child. The doctor said Joe was sterile and couldn’t have kids. They took to seeking the face of God in their marriage for a miracle. 2 years on, they had triplet. Wow! It was a mighty miracle. After 4yrs, Joe had an international appointment and had to move his family with him. The children had a paternity test and the result were all inconclusive so, a detailed result was requested. The markers indicated that the children are likely to be for the elder or the younger brother, even his father had … Continue reading What did the Test say?❓🔬


Mrs. Krewu in her younger days was a lover to Mr. Owusu yet, Mrs. Krewu broke off spontaneously, and hurtful; the relationship with Mr. Owusu to marry Mr. Krewu which was quite unusual. Well Mr. Owusu was never the same after it, and after 16 yrs had never been able to carry on with another woman despite amassing such great wealth. Mrs. Krewu has 5 kids with Mr. Krewu, and have made life quite great for themselves. A friend to the family invites Mr. Krewu to a prophetic program because of a strange illness. He wouldn’t go so, Mrs. Krewu … Continue reading Juju?😕👀

You don’t want to be John😞

John is a wonderful young man. He met Shiela 3 years ago, and it was a point in his life when he had nothing, broken-hearted, depressed, and was nothing. Shiela is a good Christian. She prayed for John every night, and even helped him to get a job. Infact, she worked it all out for John. Her support to John, helped build his confidence, and a gentle character. John couldn’t help himself but, fall deeply inlove with Shiela. His family was even more in-love with her. Wow! “She is so special,” as John’s mum would constantly say. The two became … Continue reading You don’t want to be John😞