The “Photos” you never take📷

One will consider it a day dream or imagination, others; a vision and some; a wish💫😀 Yet for those believers in the ultimate gratification of humanities transition into eternity, this is paradise, a person’s happy place.
Believed to be what one wished life was, the strength they so desired to master, the fame they hoped might be to their name, how cool they hope to be and the situation they wished had been, it is to the realist; a fantacy, to the spiritually sensitive; a vision and to the innovator; a path to creativity.
It is a world of inner joy and hope. A breakthrough of possibilities and a temple of goodness where our mind resides free from fear, doubt and despair. A space where the limit is only defined by the stretch of imagination and desire born of what can be and what it should have been. A place to define perfection and disregard relevance, for to think and imagine is to conceive and make relevant.
The speed to the finish space of a maze is the vision of an end. The eventuality of ending somewhere is the motivation to run oneself around to find the next path towards the finish space. What is imperative is the possibilities it renders. If only one takes a photo of this each time, there will be no “Photos” one never takes.📷


The staircase of endless possibilities and journeys. A tournament of self rules.

I’m Nab


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