My Fantasy✨

There it was, the nearest thing to paradise in the universe, this tiny dot in the vast crowding of the extragalactic nebula, praised by stars and space travelers for ages as the most beautiful place in the universe, the name was “Yek.”
Approaching this planet, it appears with a majestic glitter like a vision from the Oracle. It was a small planet yet, 715,0000 miles capped by a 100,000 feet mountain with majestic pinnacles soaring into a ring of yellow clouds.
Surrounding the mountain was a flat shore line encompassed by coral rocks, grey volcanic sand and crashing surf where the wind and diamond met with fray. Beneath the mountain sat a large rock on which sacrifices were made before an elder could climb up the mountain to see the Oracle when in need. The Oracle was guarded by the seven majestic eagles of sacred power ridden by great virgin warriors to signify the purity of the wisdom of the oracle. The oracle was a creature of thaumaturgy and omnifariousness look; the heart of Yek.
Yek on earth would have been a much larger Eden. The planet was populated by beings of supernatural gifts, the Ulems and other supernatural beings. The Ulems were clothed in diamond glow. Dibs of diamonds were not scarce because it was an age of copiousness, every necessity without cost. Diabolism was a part of their history and powerful spells had been cast a long time ago to free the people from it effect. It was to help their newborns, the Ulemis; to inherit supernatural gifts of goodwill since the power of magic can be corrupted with evil. Each Ulemis is born with a unique gift, and can will more than one supernatural gift. The gift could not be used without good reason and selflessness. The most gifted in all of Yek sat among the Council of Elders head by a marvelous Ulem; the glorious elder.
In the thirtieth century, on the day when the seven moons circled together. I was born with the gift of persuasion, the strength and speed of the great winds. My father, ‘Jem’ an elder of the council, gifted more than most council members raised me to face the seven moons. He named me Zem, meaning; the moon stares in delight. He then put me in the bosom of my mother Rien. There my father knew I was destined for greater cause but to which cause the Oracle was silent about.
It was the thirtieth century, a faddy year. It was the ninth day of the year when I was called on by my father to climb with him, the great mountain🗻… to be continued


At age 13, I had the wildest rides of my imagination which I pen down to form this fantasy story I just shared😃

I’m Nab


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