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Many young entrepreneurs keep failing and struggling. They feel their ability to start something is enough to sustain it and grow it. They read books, articles, listen to audios, and watch videos; on growing business, and developing the right character for advancing their goals. Infact, they attend more seminars than the successful, rich, and wealthy entrepreneurs or achievers.
Many books have been written, many workshops and seminars are organised; which is held mostly at an expensive cost.The speakers and organizers of these are mostly experts in their areas with great experience to share yet, ask them how many books and seminars they read, and attended to get there. Wisdom for achieving success and greatness is not found in books nor seminars. Ask Mark of Facebook how many seminars and workshops he participated in if he was not a speaker, or ask one of my favourite people; Ashton Kutcher.
People who lack the wisdom to achieve, sustain their achievement, and keep developing, are mostly so engrossed in these seminars, workshops, and wasting time reading books without key consideration for differences in culture, economical flexibility and indicators, location, beliefs, among other factors. They are just mimicks of achievers yet, failing consistently even with the right character of perseverance and focus, which is directed towards the wrong path. Wisdom is a blessing from God, spend time meditating on His Word and building a relationship with Him.
Most people start with an idea to be an entrepreneur, and sort to find their path in books; written by great role models and mentors. Yet, most people forget the differences within their strive hence, how to relate it to their own situations, and challenges become very conflicting. What is sometimes sad is their inability to listen to wisdom; as knowledge built within their thoughts and personality becomes conflicting to the wisdom, and change the situation demands. Their position on things are always edged on by the fact that; they had the idea, and they started it. A father and a mother have a baby yet, in that baby’s growth and development, they enlist the assistance of teachers, a Nanny, and even relations to make the responsibility of parenthood a success. No successful person is an Island for no great man can do all by themselves, nor have all the directions and ideas in life. This verifies the need for a Scholarly peer review by scholars to bring prudence to their work. Entrepreneurship does not mean; to only thrive for success without risk-taking which can be profitable or a loss. It entails the two. Therefore, there is a need for caution and advice. For entrepreneurship to work properly, one must be open to advice, criticism, and cautions; so, to those thinking I am against participation in seminars and reading books, I am not discrediting it. I am rather reminding each entrepreneur out there that, wisdom is number one. Wisdom is applicable to all these criticism, cautions and advice because, a lot of key factors are unique to each society, location or country and even continent. Wisdom! Only God can give it therefore, as you invest your all into books and seminars, invest the greatest portion to asking God to give you wisdom and have communion with the Holy Spirit for the right directions and support.


“As Entrepreneurs, we light the way for one another, yet we are only stationary without wisdom.”

I’m Nab


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