My Fantasy II✨

What could be the reason? I thought to myself. No one goes up the mountain if not an elder so to what do I owe this privilege? I wondered on. The look on my father’s face was one I had seen the day I won the young Belis contest of power. He was proud for a reason I could not put my mind to. I run eagerly to his side and asked, “Dad what is the purpose for this, I did wrong or good?” My father let out a loud laugh and told me how my power of persuasion was so unique and had not been seen in anyone for over 300 years. It was a very powerful gift to will hence, the need to present me before the Oracle.
I shook in fear 😱 the Oracle❗ I thought to myself. I have heard my father and others say much about it fearsome nature. I truly was petrified. Even the company of my father could not keep me calm. The mountain was climbed through a wooden liftshaft to a certain level and continued on foot to the Gate of Elders, guarded by two fiercely looking beast with the face of a lion and horns of a bull yet a body patterned like a 🐅. They were the Catanies. The shiver through my spine is beyond my description.
The walking path to the gate was a delight to see. Plants of hope lined the path flowering with a scent of gladness that filled me with such a hopeful feeling. My father looked at me from time to time with a stare of gladness. Oh 👦! My life may change this day. The Gate of the Elders opened to my father and I. The Catanies moved a bit closer as if to smell my warm rushing blood. The gate was of the bone of a great wild and magical creature of old yet never had I seen anything whiter. Two elders met us as we entered the gate and my father led as on the Breathing steps which leads to the chamber of the Oracle. With every single step, the step breathe, a feeling as if the mountain was about to rumble. Finally, I was close to the chamber of the Oracle. The veiled entrance spoke in a language unknown to me and part itself to the side to allow passage.
Well you will have to go on this next fantasy ride without me. It’s been fun yet there is a need that you explore the imaginative ride alone😁🚘 Own the fantasy and explore your imagination. It should help you ease your stress☺


I’m Nab


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