The Wall🔲

Many are faced against a wall😒 Yeah I know that look! What are you talking about? Well there is a mental wall within most minds. Some Christians call it Strongholds. This is the home of doubt, fear, contempt and despair. It renders people hopeless and derails them off their destiny path.
In some, it is the constant negative verbal bashing as response to almost all they do or do not do that builds these walls. Others build those walls by association; with friends of inferior complex and low self-esteem who constantly shut down the need to take action or experience change. Some think through their conditions as well as their parents and families and accept their condition as a meant-to-be. The common is those whose locus of identity is exterior to them. They accept everything anyone has to say about them, disregarding what they know themselves to be. Their confidence and cowardice all stems from the voice of others.
These walls are built overtime, some; days, months and years. This makes it an orientation of negative personality traits and a repellent of positive traits and steps forward. These walls have a commanding voice that fills most with fear and confusion. It is poisonous to boldness and courage. People with these walls mark time at one place till they giveup on themselves. Their vision and mission become delusions and bitterness. Since their intent story differs from their reality, misery and despair clouds their happiness and hope.
How do you overcome these walls? Can you contend, conquer and break them down? Well, the simple answer is that, God can do that, the blood of Jesus commands the power to do so. The much detailed answer is that you need to be reoriented with the Word of God. You need to find your identity; not of shame, guilt, condemnation, fear, and misery but the identity of sonship and daughtership. You need to understand who you are and your purpose for life.You need to let go the emotions of this world and embrace the Love and Truth of God. It is only when you understand and embrace your relationship with God, His Love and Truth, that you will understand your purpose and how to go about it. If you cannot Love God, your Creator, understand and define your relationship with him then, how will you love anyone, understand, and manage your emotions or move forward in life to success or victory?
To be continued◼◻◾◽▪▫


I’m Nab


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