I can’t *think* Far😬

Passion is measuring formula for love and hate. Hate is the fertile ground for murder. Murder is the sin of many curses. Curses are spiritual contracts of evil enacted by a being against another creation. Creation is the ability to draw on the force of imagination to bring to life and realistic form. Form, the perception that befits an achiever and a winner, and you shall never fall below these standards. Standards are set as ushers to our unique or general destinations where each path, and choice of life, event and opinions are placed in proper arrangement and position. Position is driven by effort and passion.
Money defines roles in modern society. Society lost it dignity and integrity to conflicts and hunger. Hunger is the playing field of compulsion which offers satisfaction as reward. Reward me for my giving and I shall have no reward in Heaven. Heaven is true, up above yet growing within us, as a lock to the key of belief. Belief is the music of a strange language that gives comfort and joy yet, barely understood. “Understood” is the past-tense yet, more comforting than the present-tense. Tense up; a character in the effort for survival and money.
I love the sound of chants; especially in soccer. Soccer they say; brings peope together yet, one bad disagreement will disappoint this view. View the world through a lens of endless possibilities governed by determination. Determination walks with perseverance and focus. Focus on what makes you happy and builds your purpose. Purpose and humility is the name of the ship that sails true leaders. Leaders are substantiated by results. Results are the benefits of efforts or the failure of efforts or laziness. Laziness is the quickest mental disorder to overcome. Overcome all the challenges and truly, victory is won. Won by the faith in yourself, your purpose, your needed impact and your tomorrow, this is what we become; you and I.


“Stretch forth the kite, and the wind🌀 will fly it. How do you know it will? You only believe.”

I’m Nab


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