Madness👺 is no👎 excuse for Disrespect

A good friend, Kay had; “madness is no excuse for disrespect” as her display picture on almost all her social media platforms. Many days I wondered what had influenced her awareness creation about the statement. Well, I would ask, but she will just smile those cheeks up. Then it finally dawn on me this morning, I knew the kind
of madness she meant. Immediately, I was in total agreement with this statement; which I had always perceived as harsh.
Madness here is not just synonymous to insanity, but in affluence with anger. Anger in it greatest degree equals madness. Madness is inexcusable? Honestly, I think sometimes people are quick to escalate a simple “I am upset” to madness. An example is when a simpe miscommunication on the part of a ⚽ player leads to an elbow knock or head butt attack on another; even in a charity match. What the match signifies and dignifies becomes irrelevant. This madness undermines sensibility and patience.
Disrespect is a traditional villain of societal consensus and development. I cannot think of a situation where disrespect is needed. In which circumstances are disrespect and madness excusable. Under what instance should madness cause you to disrespect someone? Disrespect undermines and violates Love. Love is the authority that governs a unified and harmonious society. It is the standard against which all actions are measured or scaled.Therefore, if anger drives on to madness, and becomes a reason for disrespect; verbal or an act, disrespect is still utterly inexcusable.✌
Why should anger drive on to madness? The grey line between humanity and animals is the ability to will great strength and desire over our actions and decisions. If your anger is not manageable then, you are in trouble. Your humanity will fade away. The consequence of this will be fatal, or may punish bitterly. Madness opens people up to demonic possessions. It is like sugar to an ant or fish to a cat; attracts evil attention. It builds a dark cover around such people which blocks any blessing from coming to them. This darkness around such people push others away from them. Therefore, it is important to pray and ask God to deliver, and save such a person if you know one or are one; from this evil. Make a conscious effort also, to breath more and speak to yourself or such a person; to calm down in provocative situations. Great strength is acquired in ignoring hurtful, and provocative situations.👂


“Disrespect creates doors and staircase of despair, and holds the guilty trapped in their thoughts and emotions.” 😶🙈🙉🙊

I’m Nab


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