I love you💘

The easiest committal statement by far in modern sociality or social intercourse according to my observation has the most priceless and invaluable meaning if truly meant. This is purposed for deeper assurance yet, has become profligately used in all manner of deception and selfishness. This statement is higher than creation but, was shared with creation and remains forever.
The statement is of a Higher Supreme Being and when used, is used in His name. People have categorized it in kinds and types to make meaning of it various functions yet it’s one but farther in levels and depths. Beautiful it is, humble is it character.
The density of it commitment is to the past, present, and future. It becomes the diplomatic pass through all borders of conditions. Truth and freedom are it distinguish features. This statement is originally sanctimonious and innocent yet mumbled by most young people as a seductive tool.
“Who do men say I am?” They say; you are a beautiful,  flirtatious line used apparently often. They say you are normally accompanied with; I will marry you, as young men desperately gun for a chance at coitus. “Who do you say I am?” I say you are everything; for God is Love. I say you are the foundation of all things. I say you are the source of all goodness, you are beautiful, you are heavenly, you are pure, you are unconditional, you are bold, and you are joy and peace.
I love you 💘


“I love you is alive and beautiful. It is a statement of many pages flying into eternity”💞

I’m Nab


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