Tears 😢

What will make a man cry? What will make a woman cry? When I take one look at myself, and look straight at my eyes, I see the tracks of past tears and tears hardened against and beneath my eyes. My tears have been for bad, good and for overwhelming reasons. Some have become tracks of memories and lessons. Others have become response to good or bad. My tears have gained fame on my face.
Tears have been in chapters of life. I was once told; tears cleanse the soul of a man. I wonder how clean my soul is. I wonder if my soul learnt a thing or two from my tears. I wonder if I learnt anything from my tears. Each drop has been to me, a storage drop of memory. Memory of lessons of; the hardtimes, the big and small mistakes, who to be careful of, the right and wrong directions among others, which guides my future. The loss of a loved and cherished one can make even the hardened at heart, cry. This made my tears a strong reminder not to get too attached because, people go away. Love is the most powerful known force in the world. People shed tears because of it.
I wonder if I ever shed tears over a girl? I faked a lot of tears in my teen days and early 20s because I had so much pain to reflect on which made it easy. I had lost so many cherished family relations and family-friendlies. Death had broken my heart so much I was getting use to the pain and ache in my heart. I was almost lost, just tracks of tears to guide me back. I dismiss any accusation therefore that I cried over a girl. I wish I truly did mean my tears for what it should have been for. I apologise.
Do tears truly cleanse the soul? I doubt that. It probably gives a relief which may be interpreted as a cleansing. It allows us to burst out and let it all out; the bottled up pain, hurt and suffering. Nothing can cleanse a soul than the blood of Jesus I believe. Tears are too salty to clean my soul up anyway😆 We are all actors and actresses to our emotions. Our emotions are producers of our act; crying. They also direct how long, and should never be attributed with cleansing. Our tears are sometimes the suffocation from our emotions. They are the appreciation that concludes some chapters of our lives.
Tears can be as infectious as a disease. It is, especially when it’s driven by love. Tears are genuine when it has the ability to affect another. Its strength lies within it reason. Do they deserve your tears? Some do, some don’t. Sometimes we shed tears for the wrong people and for the wrong situations. Never let someone cry for you out of pity. I believe it’s hurtful to the soul. Pity is a fever and never stands in comparison with mercy. It’s the darker shade of mercy. Cry me a river because you miss me and I do so badly too. Please don’t cry me a cup because you know I miss you and feel bad for me. That is miserable and feverish. My tears are just many tracks of memory albums, lyrically detailed with lessons and wisdom.


“When your love found me, you scraped off every tracks and scales of tears off my eyes and set me free from the prison of it worst memories.” 😰➡😭➡😂

I’m Nab


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