Take a Chance👍👌

No-one achieved nothing sitting around idle. The chief witness to achieving is the chance taken. It is never wise to miss an opportunity. Opportunities are the chance to do something, be a part of something and a situation to be taken advantage of. Marred at the entrance and exit of Opportunities are risks. It is therefore important to note that, taking a chance is embedded in risks as well as success.
Everything in life with strings to risk requires a great plan. A plan A, B and a probable C. Risk are seen differently by different minds. The mind of a winner relates to it as a notification to be wise, and not take the chance for granted. The mind of the lesser achiever relates to it as a caution not to venture, or to be fearful and protective of themselves.
Winners are the builders of societies. Mostly, the first at their trade or venture and rake in the most profits by monopolizing the market till others dare to enter. They are not just frequent at taking chances but they are also frequent at taking over. When they dare to do what is already being done or to enter an existing market, they are likely to take chances on moves to dominate or take over. A loss is to them; a tactical grounds to triple their interest. If they lose a 100, they make 300 or more on their next attempt.
Diversity characterize a winner. This is marked by their unpredictability. They can forge and manipulate great alliance and influence; to achieve even the least goals. They utilize their chances effectively and profitably. Winners are the kings of the jungle. They are decisive and calculated in their approach. They are not distracted by unnecessary factors and count all chances as a victory challenge.
The lesser achievers are extremely careful in their ventures. They hardly take chances and have a great fear of loss.They are extremely cautious and are all about playing safe. It is important to note that, they are mostly deterred by disapproval and criticisms. They are not susceptible to change yet they master their position and keep at it for a very long time. These are evident in their craft and unwillingness to invest else where. Their investment are mostly in themselves and hardly in any other things. They view chances through lenses of beliefs and disbeliefs; because of how extremely religious they sometimes are.
Hardly will the lesser achiever attempt a risky venture. They have too many questions and doubts. When answered, it is never to their satisfaction. They are glass, very tough yet can break easily and can hardly be fixed together unlike plastic; which characterize the achiever. The lesser achievers appear tough, rigid on their decisions, hardly welcome suggestions yet, in their attempt to avoid risk, create their own risk which cracks them up eventually, or shatters them into pieces.
Who do you choose to be?👂📡


“Be the golden character in your own story, be a library for your generation and those that follows, aspire to inspire👌📖”

I’m Nab


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