Work🔨 or Worm?

Life hmm!😒 sometimes it makes you wonder, is this an acronym for lousy incongruous frigid existence? There are days when it seem like, suffering is all there is to see and hear. People are shortchanged their bright expectations for the worst. You are then tempted to ponder over the possible solutions. “A world with light yet in darkness,” is often the caption of our reality. Some days feel hopeful but then, you hear or see something unusually unscrupulous in the media.
By now, you may be wondering what a work or worm has to do with where I am heading😁 The point here is this; do you have to work hard or smart to make your life feel different or do you have to be devious at the expense of others to make your life different? Again, do you have to work towards a better future or do you have to find devious options as a shortcut to a better future? Life sometimes make some cynical and that becomes a reason to be a worm. Life often has a way of being distastefully bitter and being a worm looks like an okay option. Life often seem to offer very little options and this sometimes provokes being a worm.
Are worms born unfortunate, and therefore cannot be blamed for their devious nature? Are workers born fortunate, and therefore take pride in their persevering and determined work nature? H, E, L, L; N, O; Hell No‼❗😵 We have become a world of many excuse serving evil interest in the of systems and trends. Instead of putting our gifts and talents to work, most are focused on the easy way. The excuse is that; the system has been unfair to them and takes away from them each day. Paying taxes has been an excuse to practice corruption, bank deductions and interest rate has been an excuse to champion a motive to rob the bank. These excuses are sheer stupidity.
Life sincerely is green. How life is for you despite your experience and exposure, is dependent on you. Your decision to view life through the lens of opportunities and a path that goes beyond the limits of the sky makes life better. Challenges comfront us all but, it is the ability to keep rising and fight on, that defines your life. Be a worker, not a worm. Be a gem, not a wem.


“The sky is never your limit, it is a path from great to legend”🚪🏁🚀

I’m Nab


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