Interestingly EmPtY🌐

One of the most ugliest situations in life is a woman with an ego the size of the ocean. Second in line is a poor man with an ego the size of America😃Trying to understand it is a mental agony. The third tells a story. Imagine you graduating with a close friend, academically you are better and more determined. Then you venture into entrepreneurship or the cooperate world whilst he enters into politics.
You work hard and smart with honesty and integrity as a hallmark of your services or even the quality of your output. Your politician friend serves within the district office as positioned by his political party and conducts his politics as should; the African way.
Two years on, you are doing well despite the challenges because, you have maintained focus and persevered on. You are looking through the market to check if it will be affordable to get your first car or make a purchase on your first land.
Your politician friend has two 4×4 V8s. He bought a house and just visited London for Christmas. You know your friend, no lavish background, you may have been better off with support from parents, family, and friends than he was. Well, you probably paid his first registration fee into his political party back in school.
Okay, so at the airport to meet the arrival of an investor you have worked hard to attract, you meet your politician friend. He goes on to brag about how hard he has been working to acquire a number of assets he list to you. Obviously he talks about how seriously busy he has been having several political talk shows to attend among others. Interestingly Empty! What a braggart?! Just be the judge of this situation, it is not to envy or be jealous, but to be true to you no matter what. 💭Imagine what happened when governance changed hands for some terms of office.
The genuine effort of most people are often as invisible as the unseen half of a half moon🌙 yet, extraordinarily significant.”


“It is a world of many efforts yet, only a few carry the moon.”

I’m Nab


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