The steps to greatness and fulfillment is on a path with two scenes along it. On the left is emptiness and on the right is a sea of characters. This path is founded on various pillars of growth and development or you can call them principles.
Each step on each path must be taken with a determinant will to absorb the principle that is needed to graduate us to the next step. It must be without hesitation. How we approach these principles are principal to the formation of our character, attitude and perceptions about life that can last a lifetime. Some of these pillars include; setting goals, defining motives of success, positive approach to critics, define identity, immunity to distractors, among others.
However, the pillars or principles are for another day. The journey on the path is what is of imperative interest. The major and probably common decisions we make that will either conflict us or succeed us. To better understand this, it is important to note that; life is strongly aligned with choices. Our choices eventually make us or break us. Emptiness is on the left along our path; being the days of dejection and despair because we chose to look that way. Fallible and human as we are with weakness, we stare that direction often. It is erroneous hence, we root ourselves firmly on each pillar and translate it into a drive to move onwards towards the destination.


“These pillars or principles define our present and future, yesterday is gone and must not be fought.”

I’m Nab


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