Pull and Push◀⬆▶

Life has a controversial way of commiting us to what we least expect. The deal we strike with our encounters are mostly premature hence, a need for adjustment to be equipped to handle such a demand.
The “pull and push effect” is the betrayal of our own unintended efforts. Sometimes overcoming it takes a collective effort within a self effort. I may not be making sense but bear with me. A collective effort by combining several traits of perseverance, determination, focus, being incorruptible, honest and true to goals among others depending on the depth of the effect. A deeper pull in this respect will require much collective effort with more factors playing to it recovery whilst creating the precedent to push harder for more. Thus the name “Pull and Push effect.”
Several elements contribute to unexpected happenings in our lives, therefore a combined effort of decisive and character factors must play to it tune of recovery. This allows the opportunity to mature, thus the chance to learn more about your strength and weakness. The pace for self-improvement is set and the new matured you is able to handle more to gain more. It makes us eventually fearless and ignites the spark for achieving and attaining success.
In my last post I spoke of the steps we take in life and how each accounts for what we become and where we end up. It is imperative to avoid diversions and distractions in life. This is where it is important to ignore the waves; they make distractive noise and always seem to pose a danger but normally calm before reaching the shore. If you keep looking out for the danger they threaten with their movement and sound, you will always be derailed from your priorities and cause huge delays. The side of emptiness can send you into a deep end of bitterness, regret, despair, and complaint that forms an attitude that pushes the world away.
Our focus on the light ahead is very important. Our importance as light house to direct lost ships to the right place is well needed. Our communion with the light of life; Jesus Christ is prime and ensures we are no lost 🐑.


“There’s a great comfort found only in the light. There’s hardly a feel of loneliness”

I’m Nab


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