People are into different professions, others are into a different hustle but what is most common to these two is the general “why?” answered; to survive or earn a living. There is also the general common response to challenges and failures; the “excuses.” What is an excuse?

An explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgment. We use excuse to escape our guilt and shame. It is also the boundary between our feel of condemnation and our feel of satisfaction. Excuses feed on fear for purpose. It thirst on desperation for strength. A constant war with the truth and a disobedient factor against firmness. The friend who rescues you in questionable situations yet, runs on expiration.

My father➕ once said, “being born with greatness is being born with little or no excuse but lots of expectations.” Excuses should not be cloaked as attitudes or characters. It should not be habitual of anyone who has had a dream or a goal. Life is the tiles, excuses are the stains on them, the truth is the stain remover, and love or passion is the effort to remove the stains and leave the tiles sparkling. Let not feed our excuses and marry them with our challenges. The result is being pregnant with twins or more challenges which then becomes a problem or trouble.

Our use of excuses are not needed if we are guided by the fundamental principle of “Love.” Love embraces truth and manisfest clearly by it. Excuses good or bad undermines the essence of an encounter, demand, need, punishment or reward. It creates the pathway of guilt and is likely to expose us to condemnation. Fear then become a catalyst agent for continuity or to sustain the merits of an excuse or excuses.

“When you take off in life, look to the vision and keep your mind, body and soul focused”


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