No News✨👋

There is no money to pay the next rent, power is out, water has been disconnected too. The coin in the wallet does not exceed a penny. No job is hiring yet, the parents are calling. They need money for medicine. The footsteps outside the door spooks in tremble because, it maybe the landlord.  The room is silent. Silent so no one believes anyone is at home. Debts are the walking clouds☁ Stress are the expected rain☔ Truly, when will the sun come up? When will it smile🌞

Well, just after the cloudiness, rain or storm, there’s a lovely sunshine, a beautiful rainbow 🌈 a lovely weather⛅ Life has itself on repeat. All you need is to learn how to move to the rhythm. The situation you find outstanding and peculiar to you, mostly has over a thousand references. Things may modernise and new innovations may be present in that situation yet, the pattern hardly changes. Human’s are creatures of habit and hereditary. There is often a difficulty to embrace changes since these two factors; habit and hereditary, create lasting patterns. People are heirs of their nature and nurture.

The events of your life are no news. Whether you overcome the challenges or these challenges overshadow you, depends on your ability or inability to recognize the patterns and take a cue from similar situations. This is correct in business, social, and economical interactions and encounters. Our life has an adorable need to challenge us because we each have a mission to accomplish. These challenges train you for those situations, they build on your character, they equip you with the experience to take on a larger challenge, and develop you as a champion for your mission. You are never alone. Your situation is no news therefore take the higher road of humility, ask for help, research into similar patterns, and take on the task to contend and conquer the challenges as it presents itself. I call it the “Overcome to Grow Experience.” 👼🚽🚿👩🔪🎤💸🏆👵

Frankly, it is highly probable what I am sharing with you today is “no news.”

“The world is round and moves round, hence, all things go and come again. It is No News😋”


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