We limit our Miracles🔥🆘

We turn to enjoy having a need to complain than to have a need for provision and satisfaction. Advancements in technology is the discovery of the mysteries vieled from man at the beginning set for it discovery according to the divine timing of God. For this purpose, a closer look at advancements and human evolution must provide a knowledge that maps great wisdom to it fulfilment. One of such advancements has been in communication which has bridged the world more closer than good have been envisioned some 100 years ago. Mobile phones as well as the internet has been major tools for efficiency and effectiveness in the sector of communication. Where in the knowledge and to what wisdom does it apply? How then do we limit our miracles?

This life has it creator and governed by what He is and stands for. He sent his prophets, He sent his Son. The Son became the ultimate mentor for mankind, his words are truth and life hence, Messiah of mankind. His commands are the only way and power over all creation thus, the Prince of Peace. He gave his life for you and I so we will live for him and his kingdom everlasting thus, the Saviour of the World. The Son then promised an instructor, a guardian to perfection and supervisor; 3 in one operative as ‘the helper’. The Helper brought gifts to mankind which lead man kind to mind blowing discoveries and achievements all with a specific aim; the message of Love which is the Father as well as truth which is the Son, and our steadfast lifestyle as sons and daughters of our Father.

Lost? Please do not be:) Having understood some fundamentals with creation, what do you think a discovery and advancement in technology is for? Let stick with communication, is the technology in this sector serving it full purpose or has it been corrupted by evil and wickedness? Has the mobile phones, its powerful apps and capabilities as well as the internet and it capacity of influence been to the vision and mission of the creator; our Father? Are we mobile with his love and truth as we put to use his gift of technology to mankind? He eased our work as evengelist of this world to propagate the good news to the ends of the world, has the gifts and uncovered advancements been to that benefit of his kingdom and his children? When you answer these questions honestly, you will understad how you have limited your miracles with corruption and ignorance. He who walks right with the creator, never lacks of any need; miracles are inclusive. Your life is your greatest miracle each day. Meditate on this discovery😊 Hallelujah✨💯

He has got the whole world in his hands; love. “The foundation is Love and Truth characterise love so make your miracles limitless through the knowledge and understanding of Love.”

“Be mobile with and Love and Truth, move it to the ends of the world.”


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