I don’t👎 have to Worry😪

Some say nature has a way of working itself out for it good and ours. That the forces of nature work in harmony to materialize our life goals and push us to protect it existence. Well, that sounds fair so why do most people worry consistently? Our human nature has a huge gratification edge which yearns impeccable satisfaction. Most people have believed so much lies about life and themselves. It is therefore becoming or has become improbable to attain satisfaction of any sort. This put most in constant worry but I need you to say to You; I don’t have to worry! All is working itself out for my good, Amen.

Disown any lie about you and your circumstances marred with disappointment and failure. You are an amazing being birth in the perfect likeness of the creator giving dominion over all things. Your steps must lead you to success and victory since the banner of victory has been handed you to wave rejoicely even before the battle. The commander in Chief, the greatest warrior; is the source of all resource. In him is the source of strength, authority, power, joy and peace. We need to believe in the finish work of Jesus Christ and begin where he finished to run well. We need to have faith forged in love so it works in all things for our good.

When you live this life for you, you corrupt the new life of constant victory with failure. You die and are born again in the power of Jesus whom you now live for. Your life becomes all Jesus and zero you. You start to live as the greatest teacher and mentor did. His commands are yours to obey, His will is your purpose, His grace is your qualification, and his blood and name; are your sword and shield.

Worry never made a dollar they say but, effort and believe is a good road to achievement. I am particularly sure that truth is a champion against worry. When our actions and utterances are in truth, worry is overridden abruptly. Sometimes we do all things right yet, we hardly see things go our way or to our advantage. It is in these periods that we should be firm in faith and goodness. We should be optimistic and hope for our miraculous testimony. It is challenging, no doubt about that! God in his indefinite wisdom has a great timing for his blessing and uplifting of his children. No situation is permanent as long as there is life, let be grateful for each opportunity to be alive each day and sail on with this attitude of gratitude to when it finally happens for us. We attract what we hope for and believe in.

“You are the reflection of what you hoped for, believed in, put in an effort for and never gave up on.”


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