Don’t Stay there🙍 keep moving👉💃

Life is a cycle of changes in which steps are taken towards maturity and development. Maturing as a person and developing yourself and your world in fulfillment of your life’s quest. Therefore one should not stay fixed at a turn in this cycle without a push for growth; in maturity and development. There are so many things we give power to hold us captive in various turns within our life cycle. This can become detrimental to our life’s achievement s and destination. The challenge makes it necessary for support and mentorship. 

Mentorship is appropriate for personal development and should be indulged with care; seeking out the best. Jesus Christ is our ultimate mentor for the lifestyle we have accommodated as christians. He therefore sent forth his Holy spirit as a help, deliverer, counselor and comforter to this mentorship. This spells out the necessity of being a Holy Spirit filled Christian. The ultimate and true mentor is also our pillar and fortress of survival and growth. In the bible when Moses was sent by God to the deliverance of the Israelites, he placed his staff in the court of Pharaoh where it turned into a serpent. The enchantors and sorceress of Egypt did same yet the serpent of Moses swallowed up all the serpents in the court of Pharaoh. This is an example of the power that comes with the mentorship of God. Even when the world rises up in number against you, he will give you the strength and power to swallow them up in victory.

Life can feel bitter sometimes but there is a need to cultivate a belief not to hang in bitterness because life itself is lived by faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God, hence, you need to hope for better, see yourself heading towards the best, consider each challenge as a stepping stone, envision the disappointment as a strengthening exercise and know the God is truly the great provider, His timing is perfect.

We must learn to give audience to what developes us as individuals. The world has the tendency to reject you because it even had no recognition for He whom all things was made through. How much more you? It is no problem if the world does not understand you because, it takes time to come to terms with change, and new things especially that which is good for it. Have you notice how the world embraces things that hurt it and hurt us quickly without much to question and rebel against but, mounts so much opposition against that which will make here a better place and our lives a better one? In that same line, the world fights off the good you want to be and tries to make nothing of you. It is your responsibility to grow in faith, fight towards your goals with continuous effort, use the failures as steps of check and balance to press on for a win and greatness. 

We are a large community depending on each other for continuous survival regardless of species and race. The world was laid on the foundation of love therefore inclines a need to reachout to someone either for help or to be help i.e. to show love or be shown love. In our life’s journey, moving forward and pressing towards the goal demands us to makes good use of all the help we can get, even if it is mostly few. We need climb the ladder of success on the backs of others. Others set the pace, provide the guidelines and routines. Some do the coaching and offer the training. A few open the much needed door and motivate a startup monetary, among others.

“The journey ahead is better with God’s will than with our will, since He knows all and is perfect.”


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