Be proactive 👉

A call from the reception; Please, there is some smoke coming out of the aircondition Boss. “Oh okay! I will check it” replied the Boss. Well I must inform the maintenance officer and ask him to respond appropriately. Maintenance, please room 5 has smoke coming out of the aircondition when it’s switched on. I had electrical power cutoff from the room till you check it and repair the fault or put it in proper condition. “Well, I will check it” replied maintenance. 

Two days on, hello Maintenance, have you had a look at the room 5 aircondition? “Well, I was tight so I had guest checked in but with a warning not to use the aircondition” he replies. Oh why, but you could have just responded to my call and checked it before allowing a guest in there. “I will check, not a problem, I will check!” He replies again. You checked people in the room without my consent and at my blind side.

Two days on, phone rings 6:30am in the morning. Hello Boss, hello Vero. Please Boss the room 5 aircondition is given out smoke so I switched it off and cut off power to the place. Oh so it still hasn’t been serviced, I am coming to call an aircondition repairs from outside to handle it since our maintenance officer proves ineffective. Nine minutes on, please Boss the aircondition in room 5 is on fire and has set fire to the bed as well. The heat is also melting down some items in the room. Three minutes on, “we have managed to put out the fire,” she calls to inform me.

Who is to blame? Who should take full responsibility? The reception, the boss obviously the manager or the maintenance officer. Note: The Maintenance officer is the son of the owner of this hospitality provider and also acts as a financial officer.

Some good advice is welcome lads, Cheers!

“Proper proactive measures are always better than proper reactive steps. One is much more expensive and avoidable.”


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