I have my ring💍

I am James, 32 years of age and have been in love with a 28 years old lady for the past 4 years. I am ready to settle down and there is also much pressure from family especially my mum to see me married. The demand is fair as I believe I am ready too “BUT” hmmm!#@%? I am so confused not about marrying but who I am marrying.

My 28yrs old girlfriend is beautiful and good for a wife yet, this is a lady I have had to keep everything important to me from for the past 3yrs. Why? You may be asking I guess…I realized almost 4years ago that anytime I had an apportunity at something great in life or was about to experience an elevation in an aspect of my life, it always failed once I told her. I also noticed some strange things she did and said in her sleep the nights she spent at my end, and Oh Geez!!! I am and was terrified.

I sort the counsel of my pastor who promised to deliver her yet this lady doesn’t seem interested and sees nothing wrong with herself. I am at the edge and about to jump off the cliff into the hands of another lady since I live with this 28yrs lady in secret mostly and have had to make up so many excuses over the years just to see progress.

I have my ring ready to marry but should it be her or the sweet sister who sings in church and always advice me not to forget God in all things. I get to talk to her freely and I think she really likes me. What do I do?

“Confusion is mostly a mirage of an over-imagined expectation.”


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