A Journey made in Africa

When you hear a person is wealthy in Africa and not into politics then he has fought more obstacles than can be perceived. The journey of African wealth is like “a proverb to the foolish.” The journey that almost seem like mere hard work has it spiritual, weird and realistic tales.
To the average person, all is well with the wealthy person and all love and admire the journey and the personality. Yet, to the critical observer and the listening ear, envy and an opportunity to leech on selfish-gains is obvious. The journey to a person’s comfort is that of many steps, kicks, stumble, fall, hurt and gratitude.
What is the preparation towards this journey? To be born is to be tasked and obligated to the task; of having a dream, a vision, a goal, destiny, a mission, duties, responsibilty, to help, to fulfill, to build, to grow, to develop and to achieve. Meaning; a person’s preparation is their nurture and nature and the mind they perceive about their journey ahead




The journey starts at birth yet one boards the bus of life and waits on other passengers, bus attendants and the bus driver to take their seat, we wait on all the luggage to be hauled unto the bus. When all is set, the journey picks speed from one velocity to another.
In Africa the journey is mostly complicated by the features of the bus and bus services, the competence of the service provider and the driver steering the wheels. Africa mostly does not get the best in these because of poverty and the lack of opportunities and support. The person’s journey to wealth then is moved by so many factors; on the street, in the hood, schools, home and the will to emancipate one and their love ones from these harsh conditions. Sometimes the challenges are walls of doubt and fear because of past circumstances, disappointment and loss as well as the bitter push to gain stamina.


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