The Nurses💉

Nurses are trained to provide care for the sick, to execute the treatment as prescribed by physicians. In the nautical space, a nurse is a lieutenant or first officer who takes command when the captain is unfit for his place.
My view of this profession is through the glass of a church window😇 leadership in church are liken to nurses, why? They are the true customer relations faces of the hospital which I also liken to a church.
Nurses swear an oath to care for lives and are the significant helps or assistance to the doctors. They pick the vitals before directing one to a doctor. They are the smile of the hospital and the ones one can easy get access to on information and quick response.
Likewise the leaders in church, they are those working to compliment the work of the Servants of God; Bishop, Pastors, etc… Leaders are selfless in their decisions and sacrifices for the church. They admit new convert and care for their membership. Like nurses, they work sometimes behind the scene handing the surgical tools to the surgeon in special situation. As do leaders; in prayer and intersessions as well as effectively serving their post to accomplish a greater cause in advancement of the Kingdom work. The tolerance nature of a nurses and the ability to proper compose their emotions even at the hands of a greater provocation is key to their success and function as it is with leadership in the House of God 💒


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