What do I tell Eric❓⁉🕙

Oh… what a morning! Eric has me troubled with his issue, sounds simple yet, I can’t seem to find the best advice to give him. Well, about 5 months ago, Eric my childhood friend went to the aid of her girlfriend’s family with a loan from the financial institution he works in. This was to rescue the father of the girlfriend from a case of misappropriation leveled against him at work.

The father paid off what he owes his company to help him proceed quietly on retirement using the loan from Eric. It was with a promise from the family to reach out to all relations; local and abroad to contribute towards the payment of this loan. There were all kinds of promises but, the loan had to be paid-up in a month.

A month passed and not a word from anyone, not the girlfriend nor the family. Eric decided to be gentle about it hoping they were still putting money together to give him. Two months passed and not a word from anyone so, Eric asked the girlfriend; “Sweet, when am I getting the money to pay back the loan I worked out for your Dad?” The girlfriend replied in a very unfortunate rude tone, “ask my Dad, he took the loan.” This really got Eric peeved yet, he calmed down and walked off.

At a visit to the home of the girlfriend, the family were strangely pretending not to remember the promise of payment of the loan. Any attempt by Eric to ask was met with a strong topic to oppose any interest in that loan enquiry or conversation. Eric had been gentle because, he had been planning and arranging with his family to sort the hands of the girlfriend in marriage so, never wants to mud the water he will soon be swimming in.

Now, 5 months on, Eric gets a notice from the head office about an audit from external auditors due in 2 weeks. The circumstances surrounding the acquisition of that loan and how he has been covering it up till date will be impossible to deal with in this audit. He will surely be found out and dismissed. He tells the girlfriend who keeps pretending not to have ever been involve in the loan arrangement for her father. Eric attempts to talk to the parents who have now been cooking up multiple excuses to avoid any interaction with him. Eric’s work seem to be on the line but, his desire to be part of the girlfriend’s family is also at risk; should his actions be seen as mean and inconsiderate.

He has no intention of breaking up with his girlfriend since she has been so good to him even till date; with the only exception being this loan issue. What do I tell Eric to do? He is desperate!#%@?

“A man’s mind and heart never seem to work together unless, there’s money involve”


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