Should I leave Church?β›ͺ

Carol is my best friend, and she really has the kindest heart ever known by me. 3 years back, she found herself being pursued intimately by a young man who had promise of being a Pastor. Being the devoted christian child, she directs this young pastor to her head Pastor to seek consent, and prophetic approval before she will even consider going out on a date with him.

Well, to the amazement of Carol, approval was given, and this was followed by several prophetic affirmations in most of the church service. Carol then began to give into feeling love for this young man, and wrapped her world around him. 8 months on, a major accusation which was investigated and found to be true came-up. The young pastor had impregnated a lady, and was together with his mother; pushing that young lady to abort the pregnancy. Eventually, they succeeded in getting the young lady to.

Carol was disgusted by the situation, and decided to break-up with this young pastor. She was invited by the Head pastor and wife then, encouraged to move on with her life since this young pastor had been seen to carry such evil. He was also labeled as an agent of destruction sent to end the good things God is doing. Carol; being so obedient to the prophetic, broke-up completely with this young pastor and decided to move on; despite the mockery she was facing in church because of this issue.

Poor Carol😟!#@%= Let move forward a year and a half. After Carol’s plea to the young pastor not to quit church, nor do something regrettable because of the shame he had faced, this young pastor did as Carol asked. It was against what he had intended doing yet he did. This request wasn’t because of any interest Carol had in the young pastor but, to honor a simple command; “love one another knowing that, you must even pray for your enemies.”

This young pastor gradually warmed his way back to be liked by all, and most loved by the head pastor apparently through his financial donations to church interventions; members and church. His impact had obviously become more financial than anticipated. He even went after another lady in the church. Once more, approval was given and all was in line for a big wedding.

All this while, no one bothered to care about how Carol felt so, I drew near to ask how she was, and felt about recent happenings. She replied she was fine yet, only wondered how the satan of yesterday had become the angel of today, how the young pastor who was an agent of doom is now the example of goodness in church. Is the influence financial or prophetic? She has become another subject of mockery with even the young pastor’s soon to-be wife, exhibiting rudeness towards her for no reason. Her only question to me was, I really want to start all over in a new church, should I? Do help me…should Carol leave to another church?

“The womb of change and influence has become lined with money instead of Wisdom, Integrity, Selflessness, and Empathy. WISE!”


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