Who made it?πŸ’ƒβœˆ

Nadia and Joy had graduated from the university, single but full of hope for what the world has in store. They promised to go their separate ways and meet in 5 years with much to say to each other and admire about themselves.

5 years later, Joy picks up her phone after she gets herself set for work that morning as an insurance broker. She dials Nadia’s number and it rings for a few seconds before, “Hello..!” Joy couldn’t hold back her excitement and shouts; Nadiasto!!! Joy’s pet name for Nadia and oh… Nadia burst into laughter. “Joyonco! Joyonco!! Hahahaha!!!” These two were so excited to get in touch. They spoke for a while and arranged to hangout that afternoon. Joy was amazed to know her friend Nadia is a house wife with 2 kids. Joy had a child herself.

The two met and started to discuss their lives after school and how it has been all this while. The big question was, who had made it so far? Joy had a sweet romantic husband, doesn’t earn much as a pupil’s teacher but damn good and so patient in bed. He works Joy till enough sounds like it just began. They lived in a rented flat and have no car as they are saving gradually to afford having another child without financial unexpected challenges.

Nadia is married to a bridge engineer. He is hardly in the country not to talk of being at home. They have 4 houses in the city they live in and have quite a fleet of cars. Money is never a problem when deciding on anything. Nadia vacations a lot but mostly without the husband because there’s always a work excuse. The man sees sex as a stress relief and skips foreplay to get what he wants. Nadia has to lubricate much because the attention to their sex life is nothing that turns her on but she just sees her role as just to let the man enjoy.

Now to you, personally; who has a good, happy life so far?

“How we define success depends largely on what the original goal was”


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