You don’t want to be John😞

John is a wonderful young man. He met Shiela 3 years ago, and it was a point in his life when he had nothing, broken-hearted, depressed, and was nothing. Shiela is a good Christian. She prayed for John every night, and even helped him to get a job. Infact, she worked it all out for John.

Her support to John, helped build his confidence, and a gentle character. John couldn’t help himself but, fall deeply inlove with Shiela. His family was even more in-love with her. Wow! “She is so special,” as John’s mum would constantly say. The two became inseparable. Shiela had moulded John into the man of her dreams, whilst John knew he wouldn’t find anyone better than his Shiela.

Shiela unfortunately started growing weak, and was constantly in the hospital. The doctors couldn’t find exactly what was wrong till a specialist, was brought in from abroad. Oh mercy! She had Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a genetic disorder in which bones break easily. No single test identifies OI thus, the reason why the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong. The doctor used her medical and family history, physical exam, imaging, and lab tests to diagnose it. It had no cure, but the symptoms could be managed. This meant; exercise, pain medicine, physical therapy, wheelchairs, braces, and surgery. Expensive and time consuming!

The two became devastated. John had already been to Shiela’s family to ask her hands in marriage. The marriage ceremony was due for, after she got better so apparently, all was set. This twist in condition meant; John will be caring for a sick wife who wouldn’t be able to cook for him, do laundry, and almost any other thing. Sex may sometimes even be a problem as well as having kids. Since it’s genetic, some or one of their children is likely to have the same problem. John’s mum and siblings are still super fans of Shiela but, his uncles, and other relatives, have already started calling Shiela; “the Walking-Dead.” They have made it clear to John that, they are against the marriage. A nice gentleman like him is too young to care for a sick wife so, needs a strong energetic wife. This is all unknown to Shiela.

John was on one of his regular visits to the hospital to spend time with Shiela. Shiela asked her family, and siblings of John there, to excuse the two. When it was just them, Shiela took his hands, looked straight into the eyes of John as she sat on her hospital bed and said, “once I am discharged from here to go manage my symptoms at home, go find yourself a wonderful lady to marry and live happily ever after, you deserve that.”

Wow! If you were John, how will you respond to that and what will you do?

“Do we stop growing old together because you may not make it till the end, or do I fight each day with you as though, you are my oxygen.”


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