Mrs. Krewu in her younger days was a lover to Mr. Owusu yet, Mrs. Krewu broke off spontaneously, and hurtful; the relationship with Mr. Owusu to marry Mr. Krewu which was quite unusual. Well Mr. Owusu was never the same after it, and after 16 yrs had never been able to carry on with another woman despite amassing such great wealth. Mrs. Krewu has 5 kids with Mr. Krewu, and have made life quite great for themselves.

A friend to the family invites Mr. Krewu to a prophetic program because of a strange illness. He wouldn’t go so, Mrs. Krewu took it upon herself to. There, the man of God called out to her. She was told the husband was sick because of the consequence of a juju he did; some 16 yrs back on her to get her to fall in love with him. What she had felt all these yrs was a sham, and was all because of the juju done on her by Mr. krewu. She was delivered from it, to also help rescue Mr. Krewu from the strange illness. Mrs. Krewu from then, feels empty; with each day with the husband, another day to dislike him more. She even feels empty towards her children.

Over the years she gave all she had to the husband, including, registering all properties in the name of the husband. Money comes from a joint account. Mr. Krewu hasn’t cheated nor abused her. If she demands a divorce, how will she prove juju in court? A mutual friend of Mrs. Krewu and Mr. Owusu told Owusu about what’s happening. Mr. Owusu then throws her a welcome arm yet, if she leaves her marriage, she risks losing all, including; her kids.

If you were Mrs. Krewu, what will you do?

“Our live’s walk can never be taken for granted, one wrong turn can hurt an entire generation.”


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