What is it to be born again and how did it all happen? Jesus died some 2000 years ago and raised triumphantly from the grave on the third day to the Glory of God. Then I am made to understand that once I raise my hands up and confess that Jesus is Lord of my life, that I believe in Him, and the fact that He died to redeem me from my sinful self, then I am born again. It then brings to question; does the concept of being born again only rest in this space?

Being born again goes beyond being dead to your old sinful nature and taken on a new life hidden in Christ Who is the WAY to an adoption unto God through the Holy Spirit where we become sons and daughters of the Father. The new spiritual life is that of Holiness, Blamelessness, and being above Reproach as we are presented by Christ before the Father. Yet it is a place of honor that can only be maintained through the Sanctification and Justification of the Holy Spirit.

The Genesis of creation speaks of the Spirit of Lord that moved within the Garden of Eden to spend time with man. If Jesus is the second Adam and is the groom, then who was the first Adam? A Groom. Hence, at the beginning of creation was God in the person of the Holy Spirit, feminine nature of God (the bride) Who spent countless time in the garden with Adam until He one day decided to address the loneliness of Adam in his absence. He recognized his need for comfort and out of man in the nature of His Spirit made Woman after His own likeness. Woman became a Comforter, a Counselor, and a Help to man.

Satan seeing the perfection in God’s creation, sowed a seed of disobedience in the woman through deceit so, she and the man sinned. God in His severity and Fatherly nature as a Judge then brought a verdict against creation. He pushed man and woman out of the garden, sealing and hiding the garden from them. The garden was a special place of God for which the devil had found a way, through the heart of man.

In His Fatherly nature, He brought into the world servants; in the form of prophets and judges to remind man of God’s will for him to honour and Glorify Him. Man must also manifest His will in reverential obedience to Him. The heart of man grew harder and rebellious towards God. Therefore, God’s nature of love and compassion had to be revealed through the revelation and manifestation of His visible image (being an invisible God); His nature as a Son ready to give up His life for His siblings even though they had gone prodigal.

Jesus, through whom all things were made, and all things were made for Him, both visible and invisible, Heaven and earth, came into the world; conceived by the Spirit of God who was in the garden. He was born of the Virgin Mary because of the Holiness of the Spirit of God; Holy Spirit. He came into the world as the ‘WAY’ to lead us to God and to institute the garden in us where He brings Heaven into our lives permanently. Christ came as the truth of God’s enormous Love for us, and how we are to love one another in great service to God for our good; ultimately to His Glory. He is the truth of who we are as ordained before the beginning of time. He is the truth about where God wants us to be; His will, and our destined walk with Him. He is the truth about putting off offenses, and allowing enough room for forgiveness. He is truth about Righteousness and the tremendous power we have over the devil, and his lies, and accusations against us.

God’s nature as a Son is Life, not something ordinary, but a new precious life hidden in Christ which gives as an adoption opportunity unto the Father through the Holy Spirit; to be called sons and daughters, priests and kings unto Him. The new life was authored and finished in victory, and is accessible by FAITH. If all was made through Him, and all was made for Him, then the Author, and Finisher of our Faith, made us for victory, and for our lives to continue in victory to the Glory of God. The new life that gives us extraordinary, and supernatural encounters with His Kingdom. The new Life that was not just a means to get us into Heaven, but to get Heaven into us where the Spirit of God is in communion or fellowship with us always, and forever.

Jesus Christ, the person of God as a Son and a Shepherd, came as a groom (the second Adam) and showed himself to us; His bride. He was Conceived by the Holy Spirit, Commissioned for ministry by the Holy Spirit, Crucified to tear the veil placed by the verdict of God against man for his sins in the garden, and to reestablish the Communion between man, and the Spirit of God. Through His resurrection by the same Spirit of God, He Commissioned Him into a new life where He became the first born of this New Creation having been given His new body by the Father. In this new life, the Holy Spirit joins with our spirit as one in an adoption unto the Father. Therefore, the Spirit of God is established in us for great partnership, and intimacy even better than it was in the Garden of Eden. This time, He is always with us to comfort, keep, help, counsel and empower us according to His will to the Glory of God.

In this respect, Mother was home with us in her room. In there, a bad boy came into the room to deceive us to be disobedient to Mother, this made Father very angry. He drove us out of Mother’s room, and put us out of reach from being with Mother because, we grieved Mother; which is unacceptable. Disobedience against Mother is not forgiven so, we were in trouble. We were kicked out of the room because of how we disobeyed Mother, and thrown entirely out of the house into the compound because, our disobedience was intolerable. Father still loved us, and wanted a way to bring us back. Father sent His servants to show us how to return to Him even though what we did disgusted Him. He wanted a way to bring us all back into the house therefore, He sent His servants to us to lead, and to instruct us. They did their best but, were unable to achieve entirely what Father intended so, He started using them to announce the coming of our only Big Brother.

Father saw that we were better in fellowship or in the care of Mother so, He brought our only Big and Righteous brother who had been in Father and Mother’s room all this while. He had seen and knows Father much more than we ever could because, He is the first born and was there at the beginning of the construction of the house and rooms. The challenge was that, Father had taken our birth right and inheritance from us, and we have become strangers to the Family. This made it necessary for big brother to be sent out of the house to the compound where we were but, He had to come not as a brother but as a groom to marry us back into the family. He had to be conceived by mother as one of us to make us His bride. He had to show us how to be better children, and what it was to be siblings in one family. Big Brother came to give himself up for us as the compensation for our disobedience and through his marriage with us, we gain acceptance from Father. This brought about, a new and stronger relationship with Mother. The sacrifice of love allowed mother to take us back into the family as her children where we have the chance to never be apart again. This time, we did not have to go back into the room to be with Mother. Mother moved in, to stay with us wherever we may be forever.

Understanding this basic revelation about what being born again is and what the Holy Trinity is like, is fundamental to the relationship you build with God; on this foundation of Truth.  This is what Jesus came to reveal and manifest clearly, and for which the Holy Spirit has given us Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel and Knowledge of. The Love of God explained, so you know how to continuously approach, and be in relationship with your Most Loving Father. God bless you, and strengthen you to continuously stay a champion, and as a SON or DAUGHTER in Jesus mighty name, Amen.



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